Natural Stone Information Page



Since first opening our display yard on the Killala Road, KBK has provided customers with a variety of natural stone.

KBK provides the following items in Natural Stone:

  1. Paving Flags: Available in a selection of sizes and thicknesses, our paving flag's can be used on Patio area's, footpath's, wall capping and fireplace hearths.
  2. Walling: Used for building wall's around homes or to give your fireplace a unique finish.
  3. Stoneer: Available in random lengths and random heights, and a variety of colour, stoneer gives the perfect finish to every wall.
  4. Setts & Cobbles: This range is perfect to create a beautiful fire surround or walk area. These can also be used on driveways around your home.

All of the above items are available in Sandstone, Granite, Limestone and Quartz. Be sure to check out the rest of your website for more details!

What to be aware of:

  • All of our natural stone pictures on our website are an indication only of colors in the stone. In all natural stone there is a variation of colours
  • When laying the paving flags, the top layer is the side that is slightly larger.

Our Recommendations:

  • We recommend that all customers of paving products purchase the services of an experienced professional to complete the job. If you would like one of our staff members to give you a quote on the area you are renovation please fill in our contact page and we will be in touch!
  • To guarantee you get long - term results from your products, the groundwork's is one of the most important steps
  • If mixing two packs of paving, please ensure to mix stone from each pack while completing the project.


  • Paving must be regularly maintained. Depending on the levels of traffic on the area, we recommend power washing 2 - 3 times per year. 
  • Keep the area with paving free from leaves and debris
  • We provide many cleaning products that you can view on our website that can help in maintaining your paving.

Power washing

  • When power washing, the power washer should be held at no more that 30 degree angle and a medium pressure selected
  • Do not point the hose directly at jointing. Any jointing removed should be replaced. Check out our variety of Jointex here.