Limestone Paving

We supply a selection of limestone products from our KBK store

For a better idea of colour and finish, please contact us so we get get a sample for you.

Blue Limestone (Honed Finish)

This product comes in a dark, blue colour with a smooth honed finish. All sides of the paving have a sawn finish.

Black Limestone (Riven Finish)

One of our most popular Limestone pavings. This paving has being used on patio areas, wall capping and as a hearth for the fireplace.

When wet this paving is jet black and dark grey to black when dry.

KBK recommends sealing this paving as the colour will fade when weathered down. We supply sealers which are suitable for using on this paving. See here for more details.

T - Grey Limestone

Has a contemporary feel to it. The T- Grey limestone has light grey and blue tones running through it with a smooth riven finish.

Blue Limestone (Flamed Finish)

This paving has light grey colours with a slightly textured finish.

Yellow Limestone Paving

The colours in this paving are a fresh, pale, green colour with a natural smooth riven finish.

Irish Limestone

This paving is finished in a blue colour with a distinctive white fossil running through the stone