Contemporary Cladding

KBK supply four types of contemporary Z Stone. This type of Cladding is made from Natural Slate and stone pieces which are bonded together with a polymer resin. They are lightweight, which come in a 600mm x 150mm x 20 mm thickness. These type on Z - Stone are perfect for indoors, in paticular a feature wall in your wet room. See below our four shades:  

 Black Slate Contemporary

The "Black Slate" universal cladding range is suitable for bathroom feature walls or fireplace detail. At only 20mm thick, it is convenient for tight spaces.

 Black Slate   

 Black Slate (Thin)

The "Black Slate (Thin)" range is ideal for indoor use, as a feature wall or around your fireplace. With no cement backing, it is only 20mm thick, and is quick and easy to install. 


Forest Marble (Honed)

The "Forest Marble (Honed)" unlike the riven finish this has a smooth finish, making it a great choice for kitchen and bathrooms.


Forest Marble (Riven)

The "Forest Marble (Riven)" comes with a rugged textured finish. The micah crystals add a distinctive shimmer in the light.