Concrete Products FAQ

KBK supply a large range of concrete flag paving and block brick paving.

Due to the large variety of colours and sizes available in concrete paving, customers are spoilt for choice. Mixing colours and shapes can create a one of a kind patio pr walkway area.

If you have something in mind contact us here so we can help.

Benefits of concrete paving

  1. The cost of replacing paving is considerably lower than replacing tarmacadam or concrete. Pavers can be easily lifted and relaid. Replacements may be needed due to burst pipes or stains that are affecting an area. For more on stain removal products, see here.
  2. They are low maintenance. All paving must be maintained, by keeping it clear of leaves and debris and power washing 2 - 3 times per year, depending on the traffic flow. Doing these little jobs will maintain the up keep of your paving for longer. Once power washed, sweep in more sand into the joints. KBK provides silica sand perfect for the job, which you can see here.
  3. Concrete paving is weather resistant. They won't crack in the icy weather month's, or will they be affected by de-icing salt. KBK supply's bag's of de - icing salt to clear your walkway/driveway/patio area of ice. Leaving it safer for walking, see here.

Please be aware, pictures of paving on this website are for guidance only, visit our display yard on the Killala Road, for a better idea of colour and shapes.