Concrete Products

Belvedere Curragh Gold                  Standard Flag Concrete Paving
BELVEDERE CURRAGH GOLD PAVING                                                                                  STANDARD RUSTIC FLAG PAVING

With a large variety of colour's, sizes and different type of Concrete Paving, KBK can supply our customers with one too suit every Garden, Driveway or Footpath!

Our concrete products selection come in Block's or Paving Flag's.
Many of which are in selected mixed sizes, single sizes or available to the customer's choice of sizes!.
Have a look through our selection of Concrete products to find one to suit you!
Lismore Concrete Block            Slane Concrete Paving
  LISMORE BLOCK RUSTIC                                                                                                                 SLANE RUSTIC BLOCK PAVING


To finish the look of your garden check out our kerbing and accessories page! (Coming Soon)

Mellifont Kerbing
Mellifont Natural Kerbing Blocks               


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